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Over the last 20 years, we have seen a large increase in the amount of foreign students, coming to the U.S. to fulfill their dreams of obtaining a U.S. education.  For years, Houston Texas has been welcoming foreign nationals who bring talents, education, and experience to the city and state.  Over the past few years however, several local Universities and Colleges made it possible for a number of foreign national students to be admitted into programs in accordance to U.S. immigration law and regulations.  Here in Houston Texas, there is a large international student community that are currently enrolled in the Houston Community College Systems, the University of Houston Clear Lake, and San Jacinto College. Particularly, the Houston University Clear Lake has a large Indian and Vietnamese international student presence. The Houston F-1 Student Visa Lawyers at Veritas are proud to participate with the Vietnamese Student Association at UH - Clear Lake. The Houston F-1 Student Visa Attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham. assist clients in preparation and in applying to colleges and university, as well as preparing and filing the F-1 Student Visa application through the U.S. Consular Offices abroad.  Please contact the Houston Student Visa Lawyers and the Clear Lake F-2 Student Visa Attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham..

Generally, there are two types of students visas available for foreign nationals who wish to come to the U.S. to study at the undergraduate and graduate levels (Note: J-1 and J-2 visas are occupational training visas and are not considered student visas). F-1 Student Visas are designated for foreign nationals who seek to obtain an academic degree and M-1 Student Visas are designated for foreign national students who seek vocational degrees.  The Houston F-1 Student Visa Attorneys and the M-1 Vocational Visa Lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham. will assist and guide you through the process of filing for an F-1 Visa or an M-1 Visa.  Specifically, our services include:

  1. Providing you with an initial consultation regarding your background and qualifications for either an F-1 Student Visa or an M-1 Vocational Training Visa,

  2. Assisting you in identifying a possible school, locally in Houston Texas, or other schools in the U.S. that are approved by USCIS, contact the International Student Office, apply for enrollment and obtain an I-20 through the SEVIS system,

  3. Prepare and organize applications and other evidence to document your qualifications under each respective categories,

  4. Draft and organize the cover letter, detailing your qualifications for each requirement, and prepare the exhibits for submission,

  5. Assist you in filing the application with the U.S. Consular abroad.  If you are currently here in the U.S. under a different non-immigrant category, such as a B-2 visitor visa, our Houston Immigration Attorneys will assist you in changing your status to an F-1 or M-1 visa status. 

  6. Assist you in overcoming the presumption of immigrant intent and show that you do not have the intent to reside in the U.S. upon completion of your study.  Overcoming this presumption is the majority reason why USCIS and the U.S. Consular Offices abroad have regularly denied student visa applications. 

  7. Counsel you on Consulate Interview and the filing process in your respective country (Note, each consular office has its own requirements in filing applications.  Please consult our attorneys for more information),

  8. Lastly, our Houston Texas F-1 Student Visa Attorneys will work with the U.S. Consular Officers abroad should any issue or concern arise.

Previously, foreign nationals must demonstrate that they are proficient in the English Language by passing the TOEFL or the IFELTS.  However, more recently, international students do not have to demonstrate English proficiency through the SEVIS system, so long as their study program requires English as Second Language (ESL) courses.  Because International student may have to pay three times the rate of in-state students in public colleges and universities, many foreign national find it appealing to attend community colleges, such as the Houston Community College System, or local universities, such as the University of Houston Clear Lake.  Over the past 10 years, these schools have developed programs tailored to accommodate international students, especially those that are from Vietnam, China, Thailand, Korea, Nigeria, Kenya, India, and Pakistan.  Please contact our Houston F-1 International Student Visa Attorneys for more information.



Immigration Law is a vast area of law and requires an immigration attorney with years of experience to understand the intricacies of the Immigration & Naturalization Law. In addition, the U.S. Consular Offices are keen to scrutinize the foreign national’s “immigration intent” for F-1 Student Visas and M-1 Vocational Training Visas.  As stated above, “”immigrant intent” is the primary reason why many applicants failed to obtain a student visa through the U.S. Consular Office.  Please contact the Houston Nonimmigrant Visa Attorneys and the Houston F-1 Student Visa  Lawyers to ensure proper documentations to show that the foreign national does not have the presumed “immigrant intent.”  Please call the Houston Immigration Attorneys and the Spring Texas F-1 International Student Visa Lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham. today at 713-517-6645 or complete our Contact Form.

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